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Manufacturing capacity and capability to meet your specific needs
New Tech Plastics operates four production plants with a total 15 extrusion lines in operation.

10 three-layer coextrusion lines
2 monofilm lines for high molecular weight HDPE products
3 monofilm reprocessing (channel)

Film capabilities

(channel products not included)

Minimum Tubing width: 10" (5" if slit-sealed)

Maximum tubing width: 90"

Minimum SW sheeting: 4"

Minimum gauge: .0004 (9 microns for HMW-HDPE)

Maximum gauge: .008

Gusseted film and corona treating available.

Converted products (channel products not included)

Minimum bag length: 14"

Maximum bag length: 400"

Bags are available on rolls and individually cut.

Sheets are also available on rolls and individually cut.

New Tech Plastics is located in the I-75/I-70 corridor, within 500 miles of 75% of all manufacturing in the United States. There are 75 well-trained and experienced employees to ensure you get the product you need when you need it.